A Table for Eight

A Table for Eight

Friday, September 27, 2013

Share your story.

So it has been forever since I have blogged.  Life has been busy to say the least.  But as I listened to an incredible speaker this last week I was encouraged to continue to share my story.  I often write things down more for myself than for anybody else.  So I have been inspired to continue to write so I can look back at the struggles and celebrations and learn, grow, and be encouraged by the happenings in my life. 

Today I celebrate each of my children.  They bring such joy to my daily life.   I cannot be more proud of their accomplishments and who they are becoming.

They are growing so fast.  I have to intentionally choose in all the busyness to invest and celebrate daily with them and for them.  Pray for them and continually give them to the Lord.  He who entrusted me with them.

Thankful for the journey.

(Photo credit to Amy Guidice Photograpy)

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