A Table for Eight

A Table for Eight

Friday, September 27, 2013

Share your story.

So it has been forever since I have blogged.  Life has been busy to say the least.  But as I listened to an incredible speaker this last week I was encouraged to continue to share my story.  I often write things down more for myself than for anybody else.  So I have been inspired to continue to write so I can look back at the struggles and celebrations and learn, grow, and be encouraged by the happenings in my life. 

Today I celebrate each of my children.  They bring such joy to my daily life.   I cannot be more proud of their accomplishments and who they are becoming.

They are growing so fast.  I have to intentionally choose in all the busyness to invest and celebrate daily with them and for them.  Pray for them and continually give them to the Lord.  He who entrusted me with them.

Thankful for the journey.

(Photo credit to Amy Guidice Photograpy)

Friday, June 14, 2013

In love.

I love summer!  I really, really, really love summer.  I love that there is no shower line at 5:45 am each morning.  I love that there is no rush at the front door to catch the bus only to find out that somebody needs a permission slip or that they have no money for lunch in their account.  I really love relaxed evenings, paper plates, and flip flops.

Summer is just too precious.  Open back door and let them explore, get dirty, make ponds, climb trees, and make up wonderful games.  Israel and Dawit have completely embraced this. Frogs have been caught and snakes have been found.  Many bugs have been sacrificed in their research of the outdoors and maybe a few frogs too.  Kinda hoping that they were just playing dead to survive all the love from these sweet boys. 

The same for the teens.  Open that front door and go explore, summer jobs, time with friends, read a book without having to write a report about it, conferences, ballet schools, missions trips.  I love summer because of all the possibilities.  All the opportunities to grow and learn and time to rest and reflect.

Heading off to Haiti

I find such a rhythm in life.  Just looking at my pictures on face book.  First day of school pics, cross country running pics, apple picking, pumpkin time and costumes, first snow, thanksgiving, you get the picture!  There is definately a pattern throughout the years.  It really hit me this year as I was looking through Megan's ballet recital pics.  I post these every year.  Same month, similar poses.  Will post every year until she is done but just the same, every year a similar rhythm. 

Summer time we can shake things up a little and do some different things. Try things out or just hang and relax.  Last summer Mike went sky diving for the first time and because I will never go, and I mean never, that was shaking things up enough for me to have him experience it. 

Flying high

Summer I embrace you not only because I don't have to take vitamin D for a few months but because of all the possibilities.  I pray you can embrace them too and just find time to explore and relax from the rhythm of  life that sometimes can busy us and drain us.

Ready to bring on summer!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sometimes I just need a reminder!!

Today was one of those days.  Israel ran into a rock while sledding, Dawit thought it would be easier to sled without his boots, Israel decided the best way to annoy his brother would be to lick him several times, Dawit had a major meltdown because he could not build his block structure right on top of his brothers and told me how much he did not like me or Israel, and then to end the day as  Israel was snuggling into his covers he told me outright that he could do anything he wanted!

Yep it was one of those days that I had to remind myself that we have come so far in two years. So had to post the pics to prove it and to say out loud these boys are precious, not perfect, but so precious!!  Please Lord remind me each day of that!!!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Worth More Than Gold

The other day I was in my car rocking it out with my little guys like we do daily and this song came on by Britt Nicole called Gold.  All three of our heads just started bopping and I instantly fell in love with this song. 

All I could think of was my girls.  The song is for guys and ladies but my girls came to mind and I just had to do something with it.  So for Valentines Day I put a little number together for my girls.  Why?  Because being a girl in middle school and high school with all the drama can kinda drain you and really challenge your self esteem.  I want my girls to not be led by the group but by who they are and what God has created them to be, super young ladies who have been created by Him and are worth more than GOLD! 

Love you sweet ladies!!  Happy Valentines Day!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

From Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, it was a sweet time.  Thankful for all that God has given this family and grateful for sweet times and memories that last longer than any wrapped gift. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dawit and the number 5.

On December 12th  Dawit turned 5.  It happened to be 12/12/12.  It was lost on him and his bother but we all thought it was pretty cool. 

It was fun yet again to celebrate the life of Dawit and the blessing he is to our family.

Dawit has grown leaps and bounds this last year.  He loves to help his family.  Anything he is asked to do he will do willingly and with such joy.  I often hear, "OK Mommy", and then an explosion of action to get it done.

When Dawit came home one of his biggest challenges and gifts was his curiosity.  He decided one day he was going to feed the fish and fed them the whole container of fish food.  Like the Costco size of fish food.  The next day all the fish were dead and the top of the tank was filled with a thick layer of fish food.

We spent a few nites freezing last winter because Dawit pushed all the buttons on the upstairs temp gauge.  We were all freezing and were piling on the blankets until Mike realized it had been changed to be 50 degrees at nite.  Whenever we asked if he was responsible he would reply with an honest yes.

He now stops and asks questions and does pretty well with controlling those impulses.  I emphasize the pretty well.  Just a few weeks ago he was taking apart the Doctors ear thingymagiggy as she and I were talking about a possible ear infection.  I had to pry it from his fingers!!

Dawit loves music and whenever he hears a song that he does not know he pretends to know the words and sing it with confidence.  He pretty much does that with all things.  He is one confident guy.  These traits will serve him well as he grows.  We are just in the fine tuning stage right now!!

Little flirt!

Happy Birthday Sweet Dawit!

Israel-the big 5.

Israel turns 5! 

   So exciting to see how he has grown over the past year.  Not only in height and weight but in his speech.  His attachment to his family.  His love for cars, building, letters, friends, and all things boy.

Israel loves life.  Mike often describes him as the life is a lark guy.  He sings throughout the day and nothing, and I mean nothing makes him rush.  He takes things as they come and literally lets whatever jumps in his cute little brain guide him.  Which definetly leads to some interesting situations.

Taking off his gloves and leaving them in the snow so he can play.  Led to many tears as his hands were burning from the cold.  Catching him singing songs at the top of his lungs one morning buck naked.  He apparently got sidetracked while getting dressed as he was singing his medley.  Finding various toys perched high to see if they would make shadows on the ceiling.  Anything with string or anything that looks good enough to tie up something with will be forever tied, knotted, and stuck together. Oh and tape....don't even get me started!!   I love this kiddo.  He keeps us laughing and keeps mama and papa on their toes as we are learning to parent this free spirited young guy.

His homemade goggles.
So darn handsome!
Looking forward to watching him grow and see how God will use this unique little guy.
Happy birthday sweet boy!